Anyone older than 13 can become an umpire with NSGFA.

We'll train you, provide you with the required protective equipment, and pay you for every game you ump. In your first year you'll receive $25 a game. In your second year you'll get $35. By your third year, you'll be getting $45 a game.

If you've got questions, you can email our umpire-in-chief, Sammi Bradford-Niemi, at

Umpire certification

Certification clinics are coordinated by Softball BC. These typically happen in the first few months of the year so umpires can be ready to go when seasons begin in the spring.

Softball rules

The rules of play are reviewed and adjusted every year. Softball BC tracks the changes and publishes a handbook every year with the most up-to-date rules.

Softball Canada also publishes the Umpire Casebook, which is available as a PDF.

To report an incident or ejection

If there's an incident at a game or you've ejected a player or coach, you should contact the district umpire-in-chief, Sammi Bradford-Niemi, immediately after the game:

Within 48 hours you should fill out and submit an incident and ejection report. The form is available from Softball BC.

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