Recreational program for minor female players

Our recreational “House” or "C" program is for girls (ages 5 to 23) wishing to play at a less intensive competitive level, or whose skills are still developing. This is for players to enjoy friendly competition and recreational play while developing their skills. There is no try-out process for the category "C" teams comprising our recreational house league. We try to form teams that emphasize continuity over time and playing with friends. Based on attrition and new joiners, teams may need to merge and players may move around to ensure there are enough teams each year.

In addition to league play, our house teams (U11 and up) also have the opportunity to compete in tournaments. A typical house team plays 20 to 30 games a year. In June, District Playoffs for the U15, U17, and U19 divisions determine which teams advance to the Provincial Championships. In addition, all teams U11 to U19 have the opportunity to participate in the annual NSGFA year-end tournament (or jamboree for U7 and U9). All U11 and U13 teams also have the opportunity to play in a Regional Championship tournament.

We encourage friends to play together in our house program; our registration form provides a space to list up to three friends. Although we do our best to honour such requests, this becomes much more difficult once team forming begins, so please register early.

Expect a competitive but recreational atmosphere, with opportunities for player development.

Uniforms & equipment

Jerseys, hats, some shorts, and socks are supplied by the league at no extra cost, and must be worn during all games. Players U11 and older are required to provide a deposit which is returned/destroyed when they turn in their jersey and shorts/pants at the end of the season. Hats and socks are not returned. U7 and U9 players receive a t-shirt and hat which are theirs to keep.

A glove is required and may be purchased at any major sporting goods or department stores for as little as $20 (beginners, five to seven years of age) and $100 or more (higher quality pro gloves for senior levels). Helmets with chin straps are mandatory for batters; we recommend purchasing your own for about $30. We strongly recommend mouth guards for all ages. For all pitchers, a pitching mask is MANDATORY. For older players, sliding shorts and a female groin protector are suggested. NSGFA supplies catching gear. Some infield players also prefer to bring their own mask.

Proper footwear is required. We recommend baseball or soccer shoes/cleats (metal spikes not permitted). A selection of quality fastpitch certified bats are provided in the coach’s equipment bag; however, many older players prefer to bring their own certified minor fastpitch bat. Older teams also require players to purchase matching softball/baseball pants for about $35.

Time Out Source for Sports (235 Mountain Hwy, North Van) offer discounts on many items if you identify yourself as a North Shore Girls Fastpitch member.

Field locations & travel

For the younger divisions, most if not all games and practices are held at either McCartney Creek Park, Loutet Softball Park, or Lynn Valley Park.

The U13 to U19 divisions are part of the Lower Mainland Softball "interlock" league which schedules games between teams from across the lower mainland. These team play approximately half of their games on the North Shore and the remainder are "away" games. Schedulers do their best to limit average travel distances but expect some significant travel times due to traffic congestion.

Important dates

Team forming starts in March. Coaches and managers meet mid-March for a preseason briefing and to arrange uniform and equipment pick-ups. Parents and players will be contacted shortly thereafter. Schedules are usually available late March or early April.

Practices and games start around April 1 (older teams may have some practices in March). The regular season ends with the annual NSGFA year-end tournament near the end of June. Check the calendar for dates of this year's provincial championships.

Most divisions (U13 and older) play 2 games per week plus some weekend games/tournaments. Practices are scheduled individually by team coaches and are usually on weekends. Younger divisions (U7 to U11) typically meet 2 evenings per week for practices and games (specific times for U7 are at coach discretion).