There are two possible ways to look up you Softball BC Lifetime Membership number:

Softball BC Website: If you have ever officially played, coached, or umpired softball in BC, go to the membership page on the Softball BC website (link below) and enter your first and last name and date of birth. These must exactly match what’s in their database. Unfortunately sometimes names may be spelled incorrectly, first and last names switched, or birth day and month switched in Softball BC’s system, so you may need to try several combinations if it doesn’t work right away. If you have not played with NSGFA in recent years, this is the only way to find your Softball BC number (unless you want to pay for a new one).

Click to go to the Softball BC member lookup page

NSGFA Team Snap Roster: During the Season (between May and July), if you are a registered NSGFA player or coach, you can look yourself up on your team’s roster: log into your Team Snap dashboard, select your team, select Roster, and click/tap your name to view your details including your Softball BC Number. NOTE: if you are a new player or coach, your new Softball BC Number may not be uploaded to Team Snap until after April 30. After the Season (around July 31), we archive the teams and they disappear from Team Snap’s mobile app; however, you can still access your archived team roster by logging into Team Snap Dashboard via the web browser on your laptop or mobile device, then click/tap “Show Archived/Retired Seasons” and look for your archived team.

Click to log into Team Snap