Players, coaches, and umpires must register with Softball BC to participate in softball activities and ensure required insurance coverage. Anyone who has ever (officially) played, coached, or umpired softball in BC has a personal Softball BC Lifetime Membership number. Use it to register as a softball player, coach, or umpire (including minor or adult fastpitch or slow-pitch) anywhere in BC forever. Please enter your correct Softball BC number when you register with us to avoid delays and extra charges.

If you are new to softball (or new to BC), there’s a $10 one-time cost for a Softball BC Lifetime Membership. We will purchase a new membership for our coaches who don’t have one already, subject to a maximum of 4 coaches per team. For players, an extra $10 is added to your registration fees if you don’t have a Softball BC number yet (or if a returning fails to provide their correct Softball BC number when registering). You can also choose to purchase a new $10 membership directly from Softball BC before registering with us.

TIP: write down your Softball BC number and keep it in a safe and easily accessible place to save yourself the hassle of looking it up each time (and save the $10 fee for us to look it up for you).